The Taylor Made Home Talks Interior Design

If you’ve been spending lockdown redecorating, you’ve probably come across The Taylor Made Home (@thetaylormadehome) ; her Instagram is a décor lover’s dream. Her house looks like something out of a magazine; all glossy surfaces and perfectly organised storage. Here, we asked her ten key questions about how she does it.

@thetaylormadehome on instagram

Which Arista bed did you go for? What’s your favourite thing about it?

I currently have two beds from Arista Living, One dark grey Ottoman based single bed with standard headboard and light grey double Ottoman-based with the buttonhole headboard.

How would you describe your interior aesthetic?

I like to describe my interior aesthetic as simplistic and stylish with a little bit of character in each room

What’s your process- how do you create a new space? Where do you start?

When creating a new space I always start with a mood board, this is a great way to get all ideas in one place and see what blends well. Also, when I start creating a room I always choose the main piece first; if this is a bedroom it would be the bed, if this is the dining room this would be the dining room table. I then make sure that all accessories compliment this .

Where do you find inspiration?

Pinterest is a great place for inspiration. I love to take small aspects of inspirational rooms I find and put my own twist on it.

What’s your favourite interior design hack?

Wallpaper!! I think wallpaper can completely transform a room in such a quick, simple process. There are hundreds of designs to choose from, which can completely change how the room looks.

Which is your favourite room you’ve ever done?

My favourite transformation room would have to be my dining room it’s very simplistic but I feel this had the best transformation on a low-cost

Have you ever had a design project go horribly wrong? If so, what happened?

Very lucky and I haven’t had a design go horribly wrong; however I do look back on certain designs and think why did I do that! I wish I had done it completely differently.

What’s the most difficult room for you to decorate?

100% a bathroom!! As much as these are very plain and simple I find it very hard to add a little something to make it pop. 

Any products you’d like to see us come out with in the future?

I would absolutely love to see matching furniture for each bed, for example an Ottoman footstool. I would definitely purchase a matching Ottoman footstool with chrome legs; they look so stylish.

What do you think your next interior design project will be?

OUR NEW HOME! We have just purchased a new property which is our next massive renovation project so every room in the house will have a complete makeover I cannot wait to start!

@thetaylormadehome on Instagram